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30 August 2009 Leave a Comment

Many people think that at this time they felt healthy and felt will not be sick. However, in fact we had not known when the disaster and the illness come fell on us. We must possibly pay the medicating cost that was expensive until savings were drained completely and this of course not the situation that was expected by us to happen. But, this was happened to me. I had not thought beforehand that the disaster will come to me. I experienced the accident and must be treated in the hospital. At that time all of my savings were drained for the medical treatment cost.

After the incident, afterwards I was informed my relatives that he had been treated in the hospital, but in a might not pay the big medical treatment cost. He used Coventry Health Care from the insurance. Beforehand I had not known whether the function of this health insurance. Next, I was search for information on internet and found information that was wanted. Then I could know the benefit that was obtained by me when using the insurance.

At this time my family and I followed the health insurance to avoid the possibility of the disaster and the illness that were not known by us when it came. I no longer need to think about the big medical treatment cost if having the family that was sick because I would in helped by insurance.

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  • Anonymous said:  


    salam kenal ya,,,saya mau ikutan gabung jadi temennya…maen2 dan kasih komen ya di blog-ku :) ,,,soalnya saya pendatang baru,,,butuh banyak teman untuk share…trims

  • hery said:  

    wah mas blog kok bahasanya cmpuran gini....................enak ya mas?????emang sih kaya es buah......hehehehehe...........
    memang sih bos asuransi kesehatan sangat penting apa lagi buat orang lanjut usia........asuransi juga bisa kita dapat dengan gratis asal kita tau cara pembayaranya terutama...prsyaratnya..kamu coba aja informasinya di blog ini......http://www.herypgri1.blogspot.com disni kamu bisa tau informasi dengan akurat....gimana dan dimana kamu bisa dapat suransi kesehatan secara gratis..........okey.......

  • joel said:  

    that's what exactly what happened to my friend...does not have health insurance & paid more on hospital bill...so better insured yourself

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