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Genital WartsAre You man? Has been circumcised? Like to have sex? Most of men must answer "Yes!" . If being like this, was based on the research, you had the risk was smaller to infected by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). And not only that, by being skimmed off, you will reduced the risk of your couple of being affected by cervix cancer.

I found the site that really details discussed about Genital Warts, definitely this will help us to know the cause of this illness emergence, resulting from that was caused and the method of handling Genital Warts.

Symptoms of genital warts

On this site we will fine the cause of Genital warts, its caused by HPV or the virus papiloma, and the big possibility was related to penis cancer as well as cancer to the anus. This wart have the shape of like the cabbage flower, was red fresh above and in the interior genital, the anus and the throat.

In America, the case of this sexual illness reached one million every year. The cure was not available, although the wart that happened could be eliminated through the operation or was burnt, or was frozen. But after that the same sign could come again.

Genital Warts and Pregnancy

Genital warts or sub clinical HPV did not influence the capacity for the woman was pregnant, but the pregnancy personally sometimes could trigger the plague if you had the HPV infection unfinished lefted, or could make active the serious infection.

Genital warts also could emerge for the first time, or grew bigger, for pregnancy because of the influence of the hormone. The warts could cause several problems for pregnancy and rare in several cases, they could be spread from the mother to his baby for the change.

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