The Promotion Strategy by Using the Advertisement

10 August 2009 Leave a Comment

In the trade, the marketing held the important role. All the element of the marketing must be consistent with the strategic plan that will produce a solidest program of marketing communication. The company must understand the behavior of his consumer. The nonexistence of the understanding of the motivation, the requirement and the consumer's preference was the source of the biggest failure of the marketing. Studied the requirement for the consumer could give the guidance for the development of the new product, the superiority of the product, the determination of the price, the marketing channel and the message as well as the element of the other marketing mixture of the advertisement.

Planning, the implementation and administration of the advertising program and the promotion involved many sides, both from inside and outside the company. The media's planning was the activity that was very important in advertising and the promotion. Often the advertisement happened and the promotion became the dispersal activity of the fund but did not give results that were hoped for.

The media's planning that was prepared well will produce effective communication so as ordered that was sent will receive attention was bigger than the target. The broadcasting media that included radio and television was the media that was very important in advertising strategies and the market. Television in fact became the media that often sucked the budget of the advertisement.

The segment of the market was based on the psychology factor was the range of the market was based on the psychological element in himself humankind. To the segment of this market of the buyers was divided into the different group was based on the social class, the lifestyle, and the characteristics of the identity. The social class was groups that were relatively eternal in a community that was compiled hierarchically and his community's members had the value, the interest, and the same behavior. Drafted the advertisement in the special social class and improved the product image so that more interesting comfort of the social classes certain

The lifestyle someone showed the pattern of the life of the community that was shown in the activity. The lifestyle someone reflected the personal whole this person in the association with his environment. The lifestyle showed something that more than only one of his social or personal group personally. The identity that was meant to be the psychological characteristics someone that caused the response in a relative manner, consistent towards his environment. The identity could be useful to analyze the behavior of the consumer if being gotten by relations between the certain identity kind and the product.

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