Oxite : Microsoft’s new open-source blogging platform

12 December 2008 Leave a Comment

This week, Microsoft launched an open source blogging platform named Oxite. The software itself seems pretty sleek. It boats the basics like RSS, comment moderation, good permalink structure out of the box, and support for multiple bloggers and multiple blogs. It also has some bells and whistles like gravatar support, an authenticated comment system, pingbacks, trackbacks, and more.

Don’t expect to see Microsoft’s new blog platform competing with Wordpress or Blogger any time soon. Oxite is very clearly a push to satisfy the needs of a good Content Management System for developers working with the Microsoft platform. The software only works on the Microsoft stack and requires Windows hosting. For those of you running blogs on free hosting (like blogger), anyone in the hosting business will tell you that Linux hosting is far superior, and cheaper, than Winows hosting. Also, because it was made primarily for use by developers, it is not nearly as user-friendly as the Wordpress system.

For sample the Exite based page you can look in Visitmix site!

This a related screenshoot of Oxite:

oxit screenshoot oxit screenshoot

oxit screenshoot oxit screenshoot

Source of Oxite can download from Mix Lab. Interested? Please try!

Source and images from:
Entrecard Blog
Visitmix Lab

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  • marsudiyanto said:  

    Ampun kalau Bahasa Inggris begini

  • dadan said:  

    microsoft tidak memberikan solusi (lol)

  • nirleka said:  

    Microsoft is telat go open source ;))

  • a2i3s said:  

    Hehehe~ iya aq juga nda ngerti, ini cuma sekedar iseng doang posting kek ginian, nyari keyword, haha =))

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